Celebrate Mother's Day with a Fun Candle-Making Workshop at Bloomerr Beauty Labs in Tulsa, Oklaho

Celebrate Mother's Day with a Fun Candle-Making Workshop at Bloomerr Beauty Labs in Tulsa, Oklaho
Mother’s Day is just around the corner and it’s the ideal time to celebrate the special woman in your life. What better way to do that than by spending quality time together making your very own candles? Tulsa Oklahoma’s Bloomerr Beauty Labs, a natural and organic beauty store, is offering a candle-making workshop just in time for the special occasion.

Here’s what you can expect from the candle-making workshop at Bloomerr Beauty Labs:

A Chance to Unleash Your Creativity:
Candle making isn't just about creating something functional; it's also a great artistic outlet. The team at Bloomerr Beauty Labs will help you choose from their vast selection of fragrances and wicks to create a unique and personalized candle that you can light up at home. With the helpful staff by your side, you and your mom can try out new scents you’ve never experienced before and create a memorable candle together.

A Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Experience:
Unlike other workshops, Bloomerr Beauty Labs sustainably sources many of their ingredients, ensuring that your candle-making session has less of an impact on the environment. They provide reusable tools and containers, which puts less waste in the landfill. With the ingredients and tools readily available, take advantage of the clean, all-natural environment in which you can feel good about the experience.

A Therapeutic and Relaxing Afternoon:
Spending time with your mom will be stress-free from the moment you arrive at this modern and chic workshop. Candle-making has a natural soothing quality that puts you in the right frame of mind. The interior is spacious, allowing you to get comfortable, put your feet up, and enjoy some quality time with your mother.

A Memorable Keepsake:
At the end of the workshop, your decorated candle will be wrapped in custom packaging that you can replace the candle with when it’s all gone. This means the keepsake will last long past the scent of the candle. It can serve as a reminder of the time you spent together making something special.

An Affordable Activity:
The cost to book a workshop starts at $35+ per individual, which includes all your materials to design and create a single candle. This is a great price point for those on a budget and it makes for an affordable way to do something special with your loved ones.

Bloomerr Beauty Labs provides a one-of-a-kind experience for family members looking to spend some quality time together this Mother’s Day. Candle-making is an ideal activity for all ages and making a candle, specifically for Mother’s Day, shows that a lot of effort and love has truly gone into each one. It is a gift that both family members can appreciate. Make an appointment today at Tulsa Oklahoma’s Bloomerr Beauty Labs and enjoy a new experience with your mother that nurtures creativity, relaxation, and love.

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